MJD Holdings, LLC is a Middle TN private equity partnership focused on acquiring small service related companies with the intention of providing a steady on-going return on investment while increasing the value of its assets.  Unlike a traditional private equity fund that focuses on large complex opportunities with investors having to wait a number of years to recognize a return on their investment, MJD Holdings focuses on the small asset market that has been largely ignored.

We are opportunistic in our approach as we seek to identify niche service related concepts that are in demand and have withstood the test of time for their relevancy.  Our philosophy is simple:  The business does not have to be on the cutting edge of technology or even highly identified by large segments of the marketplace in order to make money and provide consistent returns to its partners.  Our goal is just as simple:  Identify under-performing businesses that lack management and/or capital to retool their business. 

Once identifying an under-performing asset, we look to divest the Sellers out of their investment by providing
them with a fair monetary value for their business.  Upon completing the acquisition, improving the operating
and financial performance of the company in order to maximize cash flow and increasing the value of the
asset become job one. 

Although creating and maximizing ongoing investment income for our members is our focus, ultimately, selling
an asset may be done to free up cash to reinvest in other opportunities the company believes would enhance
the fund’s return of capital. We are currently seeking underperforming businesses to acquire and operate for
the long term.  We are targeting service related businesses with revenues under $1 million that are EBITDA
positive.  We are in the position to close transactions quickly and welcome conversations. 

If you are looking to sell your business or know of an asset that might fit, please Contact Us.
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